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Handy Entertainment presents entertainment that is as much about the content as it is about the form. You won’t find us advertising everywhere–our people know us. Come on in, take a look, and see if our entertainment options resonate with you.

If price is your primary concern, keep going–you’ll be better served by Fiverr or Thumbtack. If you need to have everything the Jones’ had, sorry, we’re not for you.

Looking for real by people who care? Then you are absolutely in the right place! Welcome!

Entertainment Options

What You Need to Know

Entertainment options that build and strengthen relationships? Yes! So get your guests engaged and communicating by giving them an activity about them.

Our Contact-Free Entertainer Booth was made for these times. We all want to meet in person and everyone wants to stay safe. Of course we want to have fun, but most importantly: we all want to connect!

Think about this: most of your team, colleagues, family or friends have a lot of catching up to do. Because we haven’t been together in a long time, we’re all looking for fun activities where we can relax and recharge. Why not give your guests an easy way to start conversations and enjoy themselves! Give your guests entertainment options that offer personalized and meaningful activities.

Lip Print Analysis In Action

How Lip Print Analysis Works

Lip Print Analysis in action–or, why wouldn’t you get a Lip Print Analysis? Because you’re a man? Nope. Not dignified enough? Wrong again. EVERYONE loves getting a lip print analysis–even people who a) never wear lipstick; b) don’t believe in woohoo stuff; c) are very traditional folks.

Seriously, when you hear how many people ask us for the lottery numbers, or the companies that want us to assist them in developing algorithms for their investors, your jaw will hit the floor.

We don’t do that. It wouldn’t be right.

But we CAN help you recognize your gifts, help you understand the things you’re dealing with, and most of all, give you a big dollop of joy, humor, and recognition.

We predict you will be seeing some Lip Print Analysis in action sometime very soon!

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou


What People Are Saying

Reviews – What Clients Are Saying about Us

“Jan was professional and very good what she does! She was a joy to work with and my clients loved her and her services! Will book again!!!”

– Sydney Harris

“Thank you to Jan Levie at Handy Entertainment for the really fabulous Lip Print Analysis for Elena and Tali! Your insights were pretty spot on, and Elena has been talking about it all afternoon! This was a great experience, and I highly recommend it!”

– Ariela Freedman

“Spot On! My Lip Reading was a fun, interactive, and well executed “virtual” experience! The mailer/packaging to get the process started made a great first impression and set the stage for what was to follow!”

– Steve Bales

“Jan with Handy Entertainment provides one-of-a-kind, personalized experience for all sorts of events…what struck me most was how she interacted with our teenage daughters…Jan guided them through their readings, giving them positive reinforcement, answering their questions, and making them feel special and good about themselves. It takes empathy, perception and caring to be able to do that, and Jan nailed it.”

– Adam Booher

“My (virtual) lip reading with Handy Entertainment was so nice. The experience was warm & inviting — just the same as in person…I left feeling affirmed and encouraged, so all I have to say is that Jan is fantastic. I believe everyone should try this at least once.”

– Emily Griffin

“My daughter and I wanted to do something special, so we had a Tarot card reading by the talented and always entertaining Jan Levie – owner of Handy Entertainment. Highly recommended to anyone who is interested in a fun activity that entails introspection and self reflection.”

– Michal

“Great analysis of my Lip Print! Jan was fun and engaging – I loved the interactive session.”

– Qualena Odom-Royes

“As small business owners, in the events industry, we have worked alongside Handy Entertainment in many capacities, and in a variety of settings and occasions. Jan, the proprietor of Handy Entertainment & A Handy Little Company is a little bit quirky; geniuses tend to be that way! Jan everything ethical; she’s everything adventurous, and she’s original. She and her company are those things and so much more! (She’s smart, y’all!) We work with many event pros in the ATL area, & feel confident in giving Handy Entertainment a 5-star recommendation above all of them—even those I work with frequently! Whether you’re planning a personal event, an annual conference, or you just need something to take the sting out of your corporate bruhaha, call Jan; she has the drive and ability to impress your pants off! P.S. Jan holds the teams and individuals, with whom she partners, to the highest of standards, which she has also set for herself.”

– Properly Weird

“I recently attended an event where Handy Entertainment was and their services are unique and fun! Definitely a great addition to an event where you want something different for your guests that will have them talking!! Highly Recommend!”

– Regina Weir

“Such a fun experience! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jan a few times and she never disappoints. I participated in the lip reading and was blown away. I will admit I was very hesitant at first, how could she read my lip print? It sounded so weird to me. But I did it and everything she read was spot on. She hinted at changes and things in my life I literally had only told a handful of people, and none of which would have had any interaction with Jan! She is very professional and a joy to be around. I definitely recommend Handy Entertainment for any and all events! It’ll add a second tier to any party and will have your guests absolutely intrigued.”

– Cady Morrill

“Jan and Handy Entertainment helped elevate the guest experience for Out in the Kitchen (Dec 2019), a signature event for the OUT Georgia Business Alliance! Thank you making this a memorable moment for our LGBTQ+ and allied chamber of commerce!”

– Chris Lugo, Executive Director, Out Georgia Business Alliance

“Great evening with Jan the fortune teller! I used her for a corporate event I was hosting and she blew everyone away. Very professional, entertaining, and stayed late to accommodate as she was the hit of the party. She fits in well and is easy to work with. I highly recommend!”

– Ace F.

“Jan with Handy Entertainment is a true professional. She and her team will show up before they are supposed to, be prepared well before your event begins, and be ready with all the smiles and energy required to engage your guests and create a memorable experience. The quality of the characters, costumes, and personas will amuse and charm you and your guests into believing the setting you are in is dusted with fairy magic! Don’t hesitate to get them on your team for the next event you are hosting. You will be happy you did.”

– Marie Jefferson Andujar

“Handy Entertainment pulled out all the stops to make our evening memorable. When you’re creating an event, especially for people in the entertainment industry, they’re a tough act to please so it was great working with someone who understood the audience. Highly recommend Jan and her company.”

– Joan Karpeles, Georgia Production Partnership

“They are great. if you want to have a fun event, with interesting and unique things to do, call them! Jan and her team are amazing and add that ‘something extra’ to every event that they are involved in. I highly recommend them.”

– Maryclaire Andrews

“This was probably one of the best experiences I have ever had with an event entertainment company of this type. I was having a party / event at my home where attendees were flying in from different locations in the US, and who for the most part did not really know each other. Handy Entertainment was the conductor, if you will, that got everyone talking to each other and having a good time. I received lots of compliments from everyone. I would definitely engage their services again.”

– Luis Ariel Ruiz


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