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What is a ‘Pop Up’ ?

What is a Pop Up?

What is a Pop-Up and why do you need to know?

A Pop-Up is a simple name for an event that is unexpected, of short duration, a surprise, uses an unusual space as a venue, or any combination of the above.

What’s the difference between a Pop-Up and a traditional event?

In essence, a pop-up is your rowdy teenager (novel, fun, rule breaker) and a traditional event, a Thanksgiving Dinner (you know what to expect, when to expect it, and you have a good idea of who’ll be there and what they’ll be doing and wearing.)

Why create a pop-up?

Could it be about novelty? Or better yet, surprise, intrigue, fun, or uniqueness? Show off your space, the activity, or even the exclusivity of the event. Looking to drive sales, donations, or build your client base quickly? Host a Pop-Up!

What are some examples of Pop-Ups?

Flash mobs, temporary Halloween stores, holiday markets are all versions of pop-ups.

Spread your party out by doing pop-ups—instead of one big bash where everybody feels overwhelmed, break it up into several small segments, mixing and remixing guests and elements—switching them out.

Or use a pop-up to showcase a new space, product, equipment, or way of doing things. Better yet, turn your pop-up into a road trip with dedicated vehicles that transport attendees from one unexpected stop to the next. Want to take it a step further? Deck out each bus with it’s own ‘costume’—decor + entertainer!

What kinds of entertainment do you want?

A Concessional Booth, (similar to our Contact-Free Entertainer Booth) is the perfect place to a) tell your story to someone who’ll listen; b) get unqualified, but heartfelt advice; grab a little nosh on the side.

Great for holiday parties (Halloween!), corporate events, wedding receptions, family reunions, retail events, new business launches, openings, or just a way to see your people, have you a blast and stay safe!

What’s not to love?

Contact us today and let’s get this party going!

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Accessible events

Manual for Planning Accessible Events

The 2021 Federal Bar Association’s Manual for Planning Accessible Events

Why does the 2021 Federal Bar Association‘s Manual for Planning Accessible Events mean so much, other than being a useful codification of human decency?

Human interest story

I had bunion surgery when our kids were little. Littles are sponges–we know that–but to what degree? Had surgery on one foot, and I hobbled for many weeks. Suddenly, it struck me that both kids were limping–favoring one side–the same one I was favoring. I asked the kids why they were limping and got stories of ouchies and boo-boos. Six months later, I had surgery on the other foot. Lo and behold, there was limping and hobbling again, favoring the other side, the same side I was favoring. More stories of ouchies and boo-boos.

The moral of this story is that we are all very impressionable, even past the age of three. By committing to right action, even though it may seem to be a drop in the bucket, we are putting into action the movement of a bucket tipping and water flowing everywhere and touching everything.

Humor me here: Human decency = water. Bunions = obstacles.

Why go the trouble of making events accessible?

When we look at accessibility from the point of view of equity, inclusion, and diversity, it makes sense for most people, but they think, “it doesn’t really apply to me,” or their business.

Let’s look at inclusion from  another point of view: one that will resonate with businesses.  Companies frequently balk at what they consider the unnecessary added expenses of producing accessible events. Beyond the concept of “setting a good example,” look at the numbers:  An estimated 26% of Americans live with disabilities, according to the CDC. From a purely pragmatic point of view, making events accessible to people with disabilities is simply good business.

Whether you want to ensure that everybody is at the table, or set a good example for those who might be watching, or increase your business revenue, you can do well by doing the right thing.

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How to support your mission:Acrobat & Bearded Lady at SOJOURN GSD's Cirque du so Gay

Support your Mission

Support your mission

Support your mission with meaningful entertainment–it can be shockingly simple and cost-effective. 

How we highlighted the intersectionality between SOJOURN GSD, its supporters, and those they hoped to reach.

We initially launched Zoltar for SOJOURN GSD’s annual fundraiser.

Your organization likely uses marketing and advertising to reach your supporters. There are better ways to raise funds and share your message. Here is what we did for one organization.

The theme was “Cirque du So-Gay.” In addition to Burlesque Aerial Acts, Zoltar gave guests handwriting analysis along with a Zoltar card. All in all, there were  eight different Zoltar card messages. 

Each Zoltar card explained a specific issue and how SOJOURN GSD had addressed it. So many guests told us how much the cards explaining how SOJOURN impacts lives meant to them.

They were proud to better understand how their support made SOJOURN’s work possible: the peer outreach programs, anti-bullying presentations, counseling services, and education for pupils and institutions. It made it easy for them to share the message with others.

What does your non-profit really do? We can help your supporters become your biggest advocates. Ask us how we can help you translate what you really do into a tangible takeaway that will engage your guests in a meaningful way.



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