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Meaningful Connections

Meaningful Connections

Meaningful connections

What are meaningful connections? Why are they important? We are just beginning to see the deep effects of the pandemic on children. This podcast is about how we can help our kids develop resilience. They need all they can get to get through these tough times.  Helen Panos of Dynamis Learning Academy interviews Jan Levie, CEO and Creative Director of Handy Entertainment. They talk about concrete steps to let children know they are being heard.

How can meaningful connections help kids?

One of the hardest parts of the pandemic is how to make meaningful connections. Just because we are now starting to socialize again doesn’t mean that the effects of this past long year are going to disappear overnight. You can help your kids (and other kids you know) by using the tools Jan discusses that help create meaningful connections. (Disclaimer: Works with adults, too!)

What can we do to make things better?

Jan touches on how some of the types of event entertainment Handy Entertainment offers help families and children connect again. Lip Print Analysis on a Step ‘n’ Repeat, Palm Readings at a Prom, Handwriting Analysis during a graduation party, or all of the above at your next event, our entertainment brings people together and connects them in a way that will make them treasure the memory of your event.

Anniversary parties, church events, youth groups, weddings–no matter what you are celebrating, can you afford to not engage your guests?

“The only thing people will remember is how you made them feel.” -Maya Angelou

We all need to feel good again! Book your event with Handy Entertainment today for the best event you’ve ever had!


Jan Levie and Helen Panos pictures for podcast.
Meaningful Connections
What are the effects of the pandemic on children?

In this interview with Helen Panos,  Jan discusses how we can help kids during this difficult time.