Characters are the heart of any event, big or small, fancy or simple. Give our costumed characters a try! Let them help you keep your guests save, get people to move from one area to another, and just plain brighten your day!

NOT a Clean Kid's Halloween Party!

Clean Halloween?

Clean Halloween

A clean Halloween means doing our best to keep kids safe. Some neighborhoods are hosting simple tables at the entrances or drives. Trick or Treaters are welcomed and pick up there treats.

Where will you spend the holiday this year? Staying home, going out? Invitations are pouring in, people are confused. Is it safe to go trick or treating? Can I go to my friend’s party?

Staying Safe

All of it comes down to personal choices. Staying safe is on everybody’s mind. When it comes down to it, we are all starting to go shack-wacky from not being able to do what we love to do when we want to do it.

What kind of compromises are you making? Distancing? Masks? Sanitizing? Outdoors? Virtual?

The biggest challenge is how to get people not to hug each other and to keep a safe distance. We’re yearning for touch, for contact, and it’s a little like somebody eating ice-cream in front of you when you’re trying to cut out sweets. Having a clean Halloween is a way to set you and your family up for staying healthy until we can all gather together again.

Whatever you choose to do this Halloween, stay safe!



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Strolling Entertainers -Santa giving a smiling, grown man a smooch!

Holiday Santa!

Thrill  Your Guests!

Holiday Santa will make memories and is the easiest way to put the holidays back into the holidays.

Surprise your colleagues, delight your clients, tickle your employees, and embarrass your adult kids (while secretly thrilling them!) with fun entertainment this year!

Put joy in your next holiday event with Holiday Santa!

Costumed characters are the perfect way to bring in funds during your fundraiser, to get people together for your first corporate event in a very long time. Our entertainers can help guests comply with safety measures at social events so you don’t have to be the bad guy.

Explore a fun and cost effective way to show your people that you care about them. The only thing people will remember about your gift is how they felt in the moment when they got it! Make it funny, embarrassing, joyous–Santa will put the holiday back into the holiday!

Book early to avoid disappointment.

There’s a real Santa shortage this year, and we have put the best and the brightest together to find ways to salvage joy for 2021! Did you know that Santa Delivers?

*Ask us about Santa-Bombing your next Annual Shareholders’ Conference!

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Santa Whispering to Young Woman

Santa Delivers

Santa Delivers

Santa delivers beyond expectations and gives your best clients, friends, and family the white-glove experience they’ll NEVER forget! Santa will put Festive back into the holidays. Treat your employees, show your prospects how much you care! More than anything, spread some joy! Tell us what you need and we’ll help you figure out a reasonable and affordable game plan.

Maybe you have a friend or colleague or family member that needs some cheering up. Maybe you need to make up 😁 with someone–why not say it in style? Put our fabulously costumed entertainers to work to perk up somebody’s day (or year!) and say it with a personalized and meaningful message!

Christmas in July? Santa delivers all year round! Don’t get stuck on calendar dates!

Santa is also available for private and company parties. Thrill your guests and bring some life back into your next party!

We can provide costumed entertainers for everything from launches, promotions, and branding to birthday parties. Need an off-key singer? A good dancer? The new Ariana Grande? Ask us!


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