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Three Easy Ways to Maximize Event Accessibility

Three Easy Ways to Maximize Event Accessibility:


  • Planning
  • Event design
  • Technology

Event planners work magic behind the scenes. They pull everything together to create an exciting, welcoming environment.

Diversity and inclusion work best when they are a part of the planning process. ​

Here are three ways to showcase your skill and passion and accommodate everybody, including those with invisible disabilities.


Guest accommodations should be friendly to people with disabilities, including those with ‘hidden’ disabilities.

Provide an accessibility statement and point of contact in your event announcements and invitations. Include clear instructions on how to request accommodations. Spell out that requests for accommodations have the same deadlines as RSVPs to avoid confusion. (Scroll to the end for two examples!)

Include details about lodging and transportation accessibility with out-of-town guests.


The best event designs unify and refine your event. Be sure that acoustics, lighting, and climate are all a part of making your event comfortable and inviting.

Prioritize details that impact guests’ ability to see, hear, and fully participate in your event. Thoughtful seating arrangements, unobtrusive decor, and widely available information help.


If you use visual or auxiliary elements (for example a slideshow or speaker), share additional services, assistive technology, or accommodations that you can provide.

Some examples:


  • ●  American Sign Language interpreters
  • ●  CART services (Real time closed-captioning is more accurate than computer generated captions)
  • ●  Visual and auxiliary aids
  • ●  Assistive communication devices

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Kid's Halloween Party

Can We Have a clean Halloween?

Can we have a clean Halloween? Where will you spend the holiday this year? Staying home, going out? Invitations are pouring in, people are confused. Is it safe to go trick or treating? Can I go to my friend’s party?

All of it comes down to personal choices. Staying safe is on everybody’s mind. When it comes down to it, we are all starting to go shack-wacky from not being able to do what we love to do when we want to do it.

What kind of compromises are you making? Distancing? Masks? Sanitizing? Outdoors? Virtual?

The biggest challenge is how to get people not to hug each other and to keep a safe distance. We’re yearning for touch, for contact, and it’s a little like somebody eating ice-cream in front of you when you’re trying to cut out sweets.

Whatever you choose to do this Halloween, stay safe!

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Santa Whispering to Young Woman

Santa Delivers

Santa Delivers will give your best clients, friends, and family a white-glove experience they’ll NEVER forget! Santa Delivers will put Festive back into the holidays. Treat your employees, show your prospects how much you care! More than anything, spread some joy! Tell us what you need and we’ll help you figure out a reasonable and affordable game plan.

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