Virtual Events

Holiday Santa!

Holiday Santa is how to put the holidays back into the holidays.

Surprise your colleagues,  delight your clients, tickle your employees, and embarrass your adult kids (while secretly thrilling them!).

Explore a fun and cost effective way to show your people that you care about them. The only thing people will remember about your gift is how they felt in the moment when they got it!

There’s a real Santa shortage this year, and we have put the best and the brightest together to find ways to salvage joy for 2020!

*Ask us about Santa-Bombing your next Annual Shareholders’ Conference!

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Santa Whispering to Young Woman

Santa Delivers

Santa Delivers will give your best clients, friends, and family a white-glove experience they’ll NEVER forget! Santa Delivers will put Festive back into the holidays. Treat your employees, show your prospects how much you care! More than anything, spread some joy! Tell us what you need and we’ll help you figure out a reasonable and affordable game plan.

Maybe you have a friend or colleague or family member that needs some cheering up. Maybe you need to make up 😁 with someone–why not say it in style? Put our fabulously costumed entertainers to work to perk up somebody’s day (or year!) and say it with a personalized and meaningful message!

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How do Virtual Events and Virtual Sessions work?

How do Virtual Events and Virtual Sessions work? You choose the kind of readings you want, how long, and when. After you’ve booked and confirmed your particulars, we’ll send you your Zoom login credentials, and a ‘How-to’. Virtual Sessions are for 1-6 people; Virtual Events are for larger groups. Schedule your group together, in smaller groups, or with individual time slots.

Lip Print Analysis, Palm Reading, Handwriting Analysis, Tarot cards, coffee- or tea leaf readings bring events to life. Engage your guests, coworkers, employees, friends, and family and tell them about the most interesting thing in the world–themselves!

You must be 18 years of age or have a parent, legal guardian, or chaperone present during your Virtual Session.

Set up your computer or laptop so you can see and be seen, hear and be heard. If you’re working with palms, lip prints, or coffee, make sure that they’re visible for us! Book your session, remit payment, and we’ll send you your Zoom credentials, along with detailed instructions and and voilá, you’re ready to go!

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Palm Reader with Canles

What’s a Virtual Event?

Event entertainment that is fun, safe, and will connect your people is more important than ever. Hosting more than six attendees per hour, or want to let guests schedule individual sessions during your event? Then a Virtual Event is perfect! Attendees can schedule Five-, Ten-, Fifteen-, or Twenty-Minute readings during your Virtual Event.

How? Send us the DETAILS about your event and we’ll send you what you need to book a One-, Two-, or Three-Hour Virtual Event. After you’ve booked the date & time and remitted payment, we’ll send you a form for guests to book their sessions. Embed the form on a website, or send it as a link in an email.

The event host (YOU!) chooses the length and kind of sessions: Palms | Tarot | Lip Print Analysis | Handwriting Analysis | Coffee Cup or Tea Leaf Readings. Attendees choose a time, fill out form and submit, then get a confirmation email with a Zoom link and a brief overview of how to use Zoom.

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