Interactive Handwriting Analysis

What Your Writing Says About You

A sample of interactive handwriting analysis on paper.


Ideal for:Handwriting KitsCorporate EventsWeddings (best wishes messages!)Birthday PartiesBar/Bat Mitzvahs

You write everyday, but your handwriting says more about you than you know. Your event guests can discover traits, abilities, and affinities about themselves, and in groups, about each other.

Whether using notecards, fine stationary or an iPad, our experts can add a unique element to your event with interactive handwriting analysis.

Zoltar Fortune Teller in booth giving interactive handwriting analysis to costumed guest

How Clients Use Interactive Handwriting Analysis:

Whichever type of message you choose, interactive handwriting analysis is a unique entertainment option that will keep people talking and sharing their own experiences on social media and with friends. After all, that’s what you want for any event, right?

(And yes, Zoltar can do handwriting analysis too!)

Imagine you are at a conference. The breakout session has six people in it. You are an introvert. So are the other five people. Our readings will get you talking, nodding your heads when you recognize yourself, smiling as you see your colleague secretly thrilled to have their qualities called out.

Social events are perfect for handwriting analysis–use the cards to capture guests’ wishes for the couple or the birthday boy. Have them leave the cards or text a snapshot of the card to you or have one of our facilitators onsite to do it for you. Win-win–they take a beautiful and meaningful keepsake home with them, and you can look back over their toasts and best wishes. Ask us about creating a memory book or slide show for you from the cards or from the photos!

“Handy Entertainment pulled out all the stops to make our evening memorable. When you’re creating an event, especially for people in the entertainment industry, they’re a tough act to please so it was great working with someone who understood the audience. Highly recommend Jan and her company.”

– Joan Karpeles

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