Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions


A:Our packages start at $650 for a simple two hour event. Pricing is contingent on WHAT you want and need for your event–how many guests will you have, how many entertainers, how many assistants, props, decor, venue, date, and time.

Ask how we can create safe options for you and your guests with our Contact Free Entertainer Booth.

Engaging and fun entertainment that is all about you and your event. Connect your guests with you and each other using unique interactive entertainment.

Have a much smaller event in mind? Ask! We can create an amazing event for as few as 20 people.

Ask for a quote today!

Rates contingent on availability and subject to change.

We ask you what is most important for you, whether it is impact, take-aways, budget, number of guests served, or something entirely different. What do you need to achieve that? We ask about your venue because whether your event will be held at a hotel or at your home helps us determine the scope of what you want. Do you want all 350 guests, for example, to interact with entertainers? Will there be a presentation or a seated meal in between? Do you have decor or will we be providing it? These are simple, but important questions for us to create what you want.

A: We are a licensed corporate entity with the State of Georgia, have an occupational license with the City of Chamblee, have liability insurance (and can provide your venue with a third party certificate of insurance), and are a SBA-recognized Woman Owned Small Business, certified by the Greater Women’s Enterprise National Council.

A: Simple. We care. It’s all about you, your guests, what is important to you, and how you want them to remember you and your event.

Look at our reviews. They’re real. Real people who have hired us. Ask them.

A: Readings can be as long or as short as you want. We can work with up to 50 people an hour, per entertainer. Those will be very quick interactions!

For more personalized and meaningful guest interactions, you should figure approximately 3-10 minutes per guest. We can make that happen for 10-12 guests per entertainer, per hour.

We also have assistants at larger events to help coddle, prep, and answer more of your guests’ questions. Currently, we are focused on more intimate events of 50-300 guests, but can scale up for up to 1,500 guests.

A: Nope, we are licensed entertainers. People are amazed by the accuracy of our readings, but they can be totally absurd or silly, depending on what you want. Lip Print Analysis – Chocolate Lip Print Analysis – Coffee and Tea Leaf Readings – TarotPalm ReadingInteractive Handwriting Analysis–we connect people.

Our Contact-Free Entertainer Booth | Zoltar Fortune Teller, is our most popular item for corporate clients, particularly finance, technology and transportation.

Let Zoltar deliver your news, dividends, prizes, updates, missions, and clues. Use Interactive Handwriting Analysis to encourage attendees to write your message on the walls! (Ask us how!)

A: You can use several entertainers at once. You can stagger different entertainers through your event. We can use staff to meet, explain, coddle, help, and prep your guests. We can make a cozy, defined space for you with our MicroEnvironment.

Choose decor, props, and furniture to design a space. Create a central entertainment area. Have us stroll, or let us ‘table-hop.’ Use entertainers to enhance ‘flow’–where you get guests to move to an overlooked area at your venue.  Move guests to a different areas by using entertainers!

A: We arrive fully costumed according to your specifications. (There are exceptions to this and we will notify you if this is the case.)

Some characters:

  • Gypsy Fortune Teller reading palms
  • 18th century Lady interpreting Tarot
  • Neo-Goth Punk reading coffee cups
  • Little Miss Muffet belting your fortune in lyric form
  • Corporate Quirky doing all of the above!

A: Yes! We produce events throughout the U.S. and when travel restrictions lift, Europe, Asia, and Central America.

A: Absolutely. Nobody wants to be the bad guy/woman. It’s a fun job and somebody’s got to do it! The Bride certainly doesn’t want to do it; the planner is hoping that they don’t have to say anything, your venue would rather NOT–simply said. What are you talking about? We’re talking about asking folks to comply with whatever rules you’ve set–for example, maybe you decided that you don’t want any of the kids to drink alcoholic beverages. We’ve developed the ‘Smile Patrol’–entertainers who will cajole, entice, and lead your people to do what you need and want them to do for their safety and well-being. Our costumed entertainers can take on those safety protocol responsibilities for you!

A: Yes! We work with industry professionals who we know and trust. Ask us about your event production needs, sourcing and further assistance. As a Woman-Owned Small business, certified by the Small Business Administration and the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, we are uniquely positioned to help you, your organization, and your community fulfill federal guidelines in sourcing certified diverse businesses.

A: We KNOW our vendors and their work. We have worked with them over the years and understand their capabilities and those things that make them outstanding. Maybe you buy services from people you don’t know, but we need to know that we can rely on vendors who are not only experts, but problem-solvers who have their clients’ best interests at heart. Companies that promote safety and fairness, with integrity, who are reliable, vested in their people and their communities–these are the people we work with.