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demitasse coffee cup and saucer for coffee cup readings.


NOT Your Grandmother's Coffee Cup Readings!Bring Warmth, Intimacy, and Fun to Your Next Event!Energizing, Riveting, and Fascinating.

There are many time-tested ways to touch people, to soothe them, and to energize them. Giving your guests the gift of time and attention. Give them joy and meaning and watch them light up with hope and curiosity! What an awesome way to lift spirits!

How Coffee Cup Readings (and Tea Leaf Readings) Will Warm Your Event

Sipping a beverage and learning about yourself will give comfort and ease to any event. Linger with friends and co-workers. Break out of isolation. Coffee cup readings, like tea leaf readings, can be virtual or live.

Coffee cup readings invite people to gather, to linger, to engage. There’s a reason they’ve been used in ancient cultures to bring people together–it is amazing to find out about your past, present, and future and share insights with you co-workers, employees, clients, friends, and family. We are all searching for ways to connect.

People love the closeness they bring to their dinner parties, banquets, and rehearsal dinners. What if you could drive boredom and loneliness from your next presentation?

Coffee cup readings are not for everyone: there is a limit of how many people can be seen.

For the brave or the curious, do it yourself, or book one of our fabulous entertainers!

Ask how you can have coffee cup analysis or tea leaf analysis virtually at your next meeting!

“I hired Jan as a fortune teller for my birthday party. She was very professional and everyone thought she made them feel very comfortable. Her costume was great and she made my event enjoyable. I would hire her again.”

– Anne Yancey, National Director | State Credits and Incentives

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