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What You Need for Successful Virtual Events

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As a live events company, we weren’t too immersed in the virtual world until after our world shut down due to Covid. Over these many long months, we’ve learned skills that are useful, trying at times, and sometimes completely unpredictable. The week of Halloween in Atlanta gave us a new set of obstacles for 2020.

Access to electricity and a stable internet connection are key for doing virtual events. You have to choose your platforms or platform, know what works and what is difficult. Most importantly, you have to be able to take your clients through their process in the simplest and clearest way possible.

By mid-June, we had decided to narrow down our online platform offerings to just Zoom. We understood what we needed to be able to do, when we needed to do it, and how to cue up the different elements.

One fine Saturday, we lost internet. No big deal. It was a couple of hours before the event, so I reverse engineered what we’d rigged and used a hotspot as an easy hack for internet.

It worked! The following weekend, we had a power outage. This was more difficult, but again we were able to work through and around it with a universal power supply and a hot spot.

The most important lesson learned was that you always need a backup plan, a way to make things work when they’re not working.

Practice them. Document your solutions. Review them. Put them somewhere easily accessible that won’t drain your battery.

Remember: It’s your client’s event and their experience should be your primary focus!




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